The Churches...

So, lets say you wanted to be involved. How would you get connected? Simple. Select the church that meets closest to you (remember, this is a neighborhood thing - we want to be involved in our neighborhoods), then contact one of the names listed with that church. It should be pretty straightforward from there.

Central Lonsdale (Lambkins)A church meeting at Andy & Jolie's Housesubscribe
Chesterfield ChurchA church meeting at the Chesterfield Building!Closed
M*N*Cmini church for locals and visitors in the shorefront area - kansai, japan what!subscribe
Seymour Heights (Sig & Ruth Toews)A simple church at the Toews house hosted by the Toews and the Irvinessubscribe
Squamish (The River Church)The River Church in Squamish BCsubscribe
Vancouver ChurchA place to look upward, inward, and outwardsubscribe